Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valenxia modeling


after the mountains of Dobra, there is a deep and immense magical forest which is accessed by a secret passageway located in the surf of the Alsasú falls. There is a giant sacred tree, which has the power to heal and restore life to men and noble heart beings in this forest. This wonderful treasure is apetesido perverse purposes by all trasumantes beings ordas: Momotxorros, Jackalope, Erudinos and the Mouruos.

The tree is protected by an ancient guardian (Melambruno), which together with your pet for three horns (El Rución), protect the wonderful tree of the desires of beings who do not deserve their magical powers.

The secret passageway is a kind of "purgatory", who manages to get in and out of him, is hosted by all beings of the forest Garajonay. But a trasumantes orda managed to penetrate to the forest flying through the air on the spine of the infamous Norse dragons, committing all sorts of atrocities against the defenceless creatures of the forest to demand the magic crystal that guides to the secret place where is the great tree of life (Garoé), hidden to mortal eyes.

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